3 Ways to Rejuvenate your Routine

I was just thinking to myself this morning how BADLY I didn’t want to eat the banana that I brought to work. A lot of what people think is difficult about this journey is the gym – which, YES it can be daunting and trying and physically challenging – but it’s NOT the steepest hill to climb. It’s the mind control over what goes in your mouth that I still to this day find difficult to control all the time. In my post How to Lose Weight…, I said that it’s 80% diet and 20% gym, and consistency is truly the main ingredient.

At my desk, when faced with the browning banana or the easy $4 breakfast burrito at the café, I found myself more often than not giving in to what was easiest instead of what helped me achieve my goals. I know I could have it and still fit it into my daily allotment of calories/carbs etc, but it’s the sheer fact that I don’t have control over my urges that irritated me most.

My co-worker constantly comes into my office suggesting we go get ice cream from the campus bookstore, or offers me free Swedish Fish (which, let's face it, those are easy to turn down since I don’t particularly like them). BUT when I’m starving and practically chained to my desk over the a deadline, I know that I’m easily swayed. And so does he, unfortunately. 

What I’ve started doing is packing my mini fridge and desk drawer closest to me with healthier options, like fruit or oatmeal packets and leaving my purse/wallet out of reach across in the opposite filing cabinet.

Whatever works, am I right?

I’ve been in a daze slightly coming back to work from my Healthy-Chella mini music vacation, and my motivation has lessened since I don’t have my Goal-chella (eh, eh??)  to prepare for anymore, and I haven’t narrowed down “what’s next”… So, what IS next, Jaycie?? I need another end goal to perk myself back up!

So, what are my favorite ways to jump start my motivation? I've given a couple here below:

1.       Watch someone else do their work out
Okay, I know it sounds lazy, but I’m serious!! I find new trends and new moves to add to my workouts simply by watching the girls I follow on Instagram or YouTube. I learned a few things in the beginning of my journey that way when I was too embarrassed to ask the trainers and staff members at the gym. Also, I found myself leaving the gym with women crushes - or women I wanted to look like or match in strength.

2.       Switch it up!
Take a class in between your weeks on and off whatever you’re currently doing. Sometimes when I get too into lifting or too into running, I find that taking a dance class, like Zumba or step class makes the world of difference. Try out Yoga! Take a walk around the park at dusk with a friend – anything!

3.       Pin. The. Crap. Outta. Everything.
The best way for me to stay motivated is to see the goal in sight – or to have a milestone event to prepare for (Clearly, I had Motivation-Chella…) I like to pin photos of delicious looking meals or of women I want to be just as strong as, sweating, with determined and encouraging words in the forefront. What’s your favorite??

That’s just the mentality behind it though… You are the one who has to get up and keep moving! Make it happen! Are you going to get the abs you want solely by diet alone? NO. Exercise alone? NO – it’s the combination of the two, and you have a reason for doing this –