Empower One Another

There are far too many situations where I've seen this - over and over again, there are women who put other women down and it's mind-numbingly regressive. I completely support the feelings that you are a powerhouse of an individual, and that you should have the best self-confidence out there... HOWEVER, if you feel the need to put anyone else down in the process, you are the lowest life form on the planet. Life is already hard enough, trying to make it and work and sustain a comfortable living situation where we aren't all stressed out all the time - why would you willfully choose to hurt someone with slander and degradation over something when you may or may not know the whole story?

Personally, I've dealt with mean and hurtful individuals, and I've read multiple articles and blog posts regarding this topic. There is a significant amount of them pinpointing the negativity women create for one another, and if we could just lift each other up instead of feel the need to compete against each other, we'd pull so much more meaning out of life than we think.

 "It's the societal pressure to be better than one another that releases that toxicity into female friendships. Sure, there are bitchy girls out there. There are mean people, cruel people who you shouldn't be friends with. But we have to stop generalizing. Women ≠ Bitches." Quote taken from Zelda's Room Blog.

This behavior causes drama & negativity and shows only the character of the person doing the degradation... Lift people up! Accept people for who they are and what light they shine or what they bring to the table. At the end of the day, we're all human and we all have flaws

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We're all in this together.

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