Man! What a weekend!

I definitely needed an extra couple of days for recuperation...

I have to say without a doubt, that was my favorite experience of this particular festival. I was mindful, kept myself open to new experiences, and it was filled with positive energy. Not to sound too cliché, but finding yourself in the midst of a sea of 100,000 people is enlightening (I was SOBER for that part, I promise)! Well, alright, maybe I had some sangria…

BUT there ARE ways to enjoy these festivals without putting chemicals and terrible nutrients into your body. I camped with two of my girlfriends from college, and have to say they were way more prepared than I was, and that is saying something! These girls brought way more than I’ve ever brought before in terms of groceries, and it fared rather well the entire trip as far as refrigeration.

Sydney brought her yeti cooler, stacked with vegetables and sandwich making tools, while Jeannine ensured we had plenty of java the whole weekend (side note, Jeannine and I met while we worked at Starbucks back in 2007). Not only did these girls help keep me caffeinated, they made sure we had healthy snacks along with a deliciously seasoned hunk of carne asada for dinner one of the nights.

Day One, Friday

We enjoyed walking around the campground in the morning. We walked towards the shopping vendors and bought some items while waiting for our food orders. I've bought breakfast burritos in previous years, but I wanted to get something with a little more value. The girls got delicious Acai bowls, while I got myself a fried egg with salsa and cheese from a food truck further down the lane. I went in a little earlier than the girls did, and after all the walking we'd done (20,158 steps!) I figured a little mac and cheese was worth it...


Day Two, Saturday

I brought a veggie platter to enjoy in an attempt to eat better and not buy all the vendor fattening food. We popped that bad boy open and got down on some broccoli, baby tomatoes, celery and carrots. Sydney made the most delicious Sangria with peaches, orange slices and strawberries. We enjoyed turkey sandwiches/wraps and later that evening and made the carne asada for dinner in between shows.


Day Three, Sunday

Sunday was too hot to truly function prior to 4pm, so we stayed hydrated with NUUN, water and taking turns dunking our heads in a bucket full of cool ice water. I think our chicken and shrimp paella dinner we split was only the second meal that I purchased inside the venue aside from water and beer... Which, given the steps over the course of the weekend, we could afford some delicious Spanish rice. A little left over carne after the festival was shut down for the night, some more turkey breast and broccoli... Good eats!

ice b.PNG

It's definitely possible to be mindful of your intake and to ensure that you're successful even while on the go or in a different environment - one that may scream "EAT ME" at the nearest most convenient food vendor... I thought it was going to be difficult, what with an ice chest and lack of proper refrigeration... but my girlfriends helped and surprise, surprise, we didn't do too poorly! 

AND it was a friggin' blast!

I'd not camped this way in previous years, so it was a whole new experience.  Normally, I would sleep in my tent then walk to get a breakfast burrito instead of making healthier choices. Coupled with walking over 66,615 steps or TWENTY NINE miles in three days, I think the three of us did rather well. That and we enjoyed tons of laughter, great music, and the best company we've ever experienced at this particular festival in our three years attending.

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