How to Cut Out Sugar

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I love sweets… I know, I know. But Jaycie, you can’t really indulge in sweets when you’re trying to be healthy, can you?”

I’m here today to tell you that you CAN

While on a ‘diet’ you cut out sugar, you restrict yourself and make yourself miserable. Like I said in a previous post How To Be Enough, we become slaves to our diets, rather than making it a lifestyle change and reconstructing our mind’s perception of what taste is and how that affects our waist holds a correlation.

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We’re allowed whatever we want – IN MODERATION. That right there is the key to success, people. Moderation is my most successful piece of advice. I allow myself to indulge, and yet I still find that I’m healthy and have the energy to persist and my progress keeps moving forward, one day and pound at a time. I'm 100% positive that sugar is my downfall. That's why I made the suggestion for Bon Affair two weeks ago... and if you HAVE to have it, at least substitute is with natural sugars in fruits or substitute it with something that will satiate the craving. Don't deprive yourself. You've done that and it hasn't worked... at least, not well anyway.

If you restrict yourself, you find that you crave it that much more, then when your ‘diet’ is over and you become tired of it, you can’t control yourself, overindulge and then you’ve lost all headway. Once you adopt the lifestyle and realize that habits need to change forever, that’s when you can truly attain the goal you set out to achieve.

What I’m getting at here, folks:

I have ice cream at least once a week. I drink wine... more than I want to publicly admit ha ha. A friend of mine told me about this great ice cream brand called Arctic Zero. The two I decided to purchase were the pint of Vanilla Maple Ice Cream and the Chocolate covered Salted Caramel Popsicle, pictured left

They're flavorful, and gives you just the right amount of satiation to your sweets craving.

Like I said, though, always in moderation. If you eat all six bars from the box, it’s not going to do much service towards the lifestyle you’re trying to adopt and will set you back.

It’s a treat. That’s all.

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