It's okay to have 'Holiday Stew'

I’m back! (well, kinda) Did ya miss me?

I’m SO sorry for being away so long, (three weeks! Yikes!) but I’ve been working on getting more goodies for you guys! I took a week off after Thanksgiving, and then had such a lack of inspiration with writing, that it took all of me to gather any source of creativity – that’s when a co-worker of mine told me that she thought it was the season – how we all kind of sink into it and let it envelop us for the six weeks following Thanksgiving (Maybe it's the tryptophan... hmm).

The time for the Holidays is to relax and be with family, and it’s been nothing but a stressful couple of weeks, to be honest. I needed the break.

Sometimes, you just have to stew in it

This slew of Holiday negativity, or even simply year-end, emotions makes us all a little lazy or demotivated. Feelings of exhaustion are normal and the fact that we guilt ourselves into thinking we’re incapable of pushing forward or that we need to be little energizer bunnies all the time makes us feel negative about the whole process – sometimes it’s okay to just BE.

SPEAKING of stew… I wanted to take time away from writing weekly in order to get out the next phase of my blog – the recipe portion of it. I’m working on gathering all of my most recent favorites and compiling a gallery or a library of those resources for you all – my subscribers – to be able to use and try.

That’s right!! All of my recipes can be yours! Simply subscribe for access, and you’ll get updates when I post new ones (Once they’re up and that section of my site is finished).

So for now, I’m going to diligently work on getting those pieces together and prepare juicy food for your taste buds!