I've Found My Chandler


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always said that I want “my Chandler”, and that he’s been “too busy with Janice”. I’ve had a couple experiences that, as my mom would say, “were close, but no cigar”.

They were definitely nothing compared to how I feel now. Man, the lengths I would go (and have gone) to support and love this guy right here.

When you talk about your past relationships, and compare, you can either be bitter and bad mouth that previous person...
you can move forward & view it with an educated eye;

Understand that there are plenty of people on this planet who bring out the worst version of yourself. You just weren’t ready to be the BEST version of Y O U yet. Or they weren’t.

You didn’t have it in you to sacrifice or compromise in a way that meshes well with that individual. Or they didn’t. And that’s okay! #thatslife!!


Previously in relationships, I would be yelled at SO loudly, and so close to my face, that I could wipe their spit away. This guy? He sits with me during disagreements, tries his best to communicate his feelings rationally and to the best of his ability.

I’ve been absolutely humiliated in front of ex’s friends, family and in public venues before. This guy? He worries about MY feelings and can tell I’m uncomfortable, ultimately asking me “What’s wrong babe? And don’t say ‘nothing’. ”

I’ve been told before that I’m “too much to handle” and that I’m “overly sensitive”, which would make ANYone feel like they're a difficult person to love. THIS guy LOVES how empathetic I am - He knows my heart and understands why I am the way that I am, accepts it and actually *celebrates* it.


I’ve had to beg and plead for previous boyfriends to help me bring in groceries or to help me with chores around the house. This guy - MY FIANCÉ - not only goes with me, he actually TAKES things out of my hands and does it for me. And not even just the heavy stuff!

I’ve had eye-rolls when I’ve reached for an ex’s hand while walking. My guy? He’s usually the first to reach for my hand, AND if I’m not already, he positions me so that he walks on the street-side of the sidewalk.

I’ve been laughed at for being embarrassed about my extra skin from losing weight in a bikini. Chris calls me “gorgeous” and “stunning”, even when he’s mad at me.

I’ve made dinners from scratch & ate them alone while my ex ordered and ate pizza delivery while playing video games and ignoring me for hours on end. My fiancé waits for me to eat, asks me if I want anything while he’s out and sometimes just brings me what he thinks I’ll want (and he’s dead-on every time).


When I sit down and think of all the above, I can genuinely say I am appreciative of the man I get to call my fiancé, and one day soon, my husband. You cannot force someone to be ready when they’re not. I’m so glad he chose to be ready for me, just at the right time that I could be ready for him.

If there’s effort, there’s love, and I know without a shadow of a doubt I am loved by this guy. I hope he knows how much I love him & just how happy he makes me.

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