My Thrive Experience: Why You Should Try Le-Vel

Back in March of 2015, I underwent some minor medical issues with the chance at experiencing depression. By the time July rolled around, it all came crashing down; I felt lost, spiraling into what I could only assume was the worst depression I’ve felt in my life. I struggled with it a little in my early twenties, and had worked hard to overcome it, but I suppose like other conditions, when I thought it had ebbed and perhaps ‘cured’, it still lay dormant beneath the surface.

For over two years at this point, I'd been hard-working, determined and accomplished about 75% of my weight loss goals and felt helpless to get that last 25% down. I'd been in a plateau for roughly 7 months in my journey and felt like I wasn't doing all I could anymore to keep my momentum, and the feelings of guilt and shame still resonated in me, lingering, thus making it difficult to find energy to keep going.

A good friend of mine, Jamie Morse, suggested I join her in her experience with Thrive, and I have to say I jumped right on board with minimal skepticism. I figured, even if it was a placebo, I was willing to try anything at this point. Not only did I hope it would help me jump start the stalled engine I had for working out, but I had hope it would aide to uplift my outlook on life, build up my self-esteem and confidence, and help me become more focused on the tasks I had to accomplish in my personal and professional life.

I am normally *extremely* skeptical of all the "get slim quick" or "7 day diet - lose 10lbs!" Nonsense... This was anything but a gimmick.

After simply 2 days, I was more Le-Vel-headed (aha!), more kind to those I was around and genuinely was happier with myself. Naturally, I had always been an over-thinker, constantly ridden with anxiety and a glass-half-empty mind set. The mental clarity I had that first two days was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was like I had blinders on prior to it, and my whole world opened up.

After trying the Black Label Derma Fusion Technology patch and the Thrive-W vitamins, I felt awake and more my authentic self. These are the little things that helped me determine that there are others out there going through the same challenges I have. It not only helped my performance in the gym, but helped my mind set outside of it as well.

For More information about Thrive, or Le-vel products, visit their website here.