My Secret Weapon in the Gym

Alright, Piggie Posse – I told you over a month ago that I’d give you my secret, so here it is!

It’s taken me a minute to feel okay about being this real with you, but I’ve been nothing but that since the beginning, and I’m not about to start lying to you or faking these things just to get by.

If she dyed her hair after the relationship, y'all not getting back together. New hair, new life, new boo.png

ANYWAY!I asked my co-worker (who trains clients privately on the side) to light a fire under my rear end to help me get my desert festival body ready by the end of April (like I told you a couple weeks ago in Operation Motivation-Chella), and that he did! 

Not only did he give my sad, recently-single and depressed behind a swift kick in the tail at the beginning of March, he gave me a distraction; something to look forward to! It gave me a purpose again; it gave the nose-diving Soaring Swine a much-needed gust of wind. I definitely hadn’t been feeling right in the feels, and neither had my routine.

Backstory: I’m the type of girl that when her heart gets broken, she goes to either extreme side of the coping spectrum. I either eat nothing and sleep all day, or I eat everything in sight and cry until I’m too exhausted to do anything else. Unfortunately for my waistline, it was the latter this time around. I’d spent my entire month off away from you guys feeling sorry for myself (rightfully so, if you knew what happened), and I had to give myself something to do to make it better again. SO, I asked my recently dubbed trainer what he could help me do to help. I utilized the weight room and the gym facilities, decided to dye my hair red and am taking my life back. You can fall apart, but you can’t unpack and live there, right??

For the last nine weeks I've been honing in on my diet and for the last seven, my co-worker has given me a strict weightlifting plan. I’ve posted the basics of what we do here.

All of these exercises are from the second micro-cycle we worked on during the immediate weeks leading up to the festival.

This week, the days after I came back from the desert, were those strictly for cardio and mild exercises. I can only assume he's incorporating the periodization philosophy.

Basically, it's a systematic variation in training in specificity, intensity and volume

"Periodization is defined as the “long-term cyclic structuring of training and practice to maximize performance to coincide with important competitions."A Simple Guide To Periodization For Strength Training

Here are my results from the last 2.5 months:

I’ve felt lighter, both physically and emotionally, and it’s given me a sense of my old self, prior to the last two years of constant walking on eggshells and anxiety. I haven’t had to take a Xanax the ENTIRE time I’ve been doing this program. Total inches off????


For anyone who knew me, I would get anxiety over the smallest upset – be it with platonic or my romantic relationships. I would be derailed by the slightest of confrontation and out of commission until all was resolved, and I think it had something to do with those I chose to surround myself with (not to mention my lack of physical exercise to the degree I once was at before).

I went from being active five days a week prior to November 2015, to maybe once or twice a week and at maybe 70% of what I was used to… I’d completely stopped running regularly too. I’m grateful to be back to my old Personal Record in running pace! So that’s my takeaway from this.

Now, DO NOT get me wrong; I’m definitely not pointing a finger of blame on anyone other than myself for allowing my fitness motivation to slack. My mind was simply focused on other things, ones that I believed to be priorities. Now, come to find, those priorities were one sided and now I can focus on being what I'd always originally wanted - to be healthy both physically AND emotionally. I haven't had to take a Xanax since February!

It takes great amounts of therapy, long conversations with *trusted* girlfriends and over ten hours a week of the gym to feel good again, as well as time – HOWEVER – environment plays a huge role, and in making absolutely NO room for anything other than positivity in my life for the last three months has been the BIGGEST BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

There have been minor hiccups in diet, but as shown in my progress chart above, it's been working! Having a plan helps and having something to look forward to with baby milestones... I not only feel fantastic about my progress, physically & emotionally, but I've been finding out that I'm a pretty tough cookie both in the gym and out of it.

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