Using your Phone at the Gym: Yes or No?

This morning I read an article that went into great detail about the single most annoying habit among gym users. Think you might know what it might be?


I was taken aback at first… “what?? but it plays my music!”

Among the excuses listed, that and “I have a routine I want to follow, and an iBook for exercises” are the most common reasons laid out in the article, and to be honest, they were my first true responses to such a criticism. It's not uncommon now-a-days in gyms to see people with their head phones on, and perhaps an arm band showcasing a possible playlist for the hour. What this article goes on to say is that we're too connected - we don't have enough time on our cell phones as it is already? We're constantly logged on and plugged in... but I'm an advocate of it as I use it for other things. Like I said about my own personal excuses: 

I listen to music and sometimes look at exercises that I haven't memorized. 

I think it isn’t too big of an issue if you’re not texting, occupying a machine while someone is waiting for it, or simply need to learn techniques to advance yourself in the gym. I work at a community college – in the Athletics department to boot – and there are TONS of new exercises I've been able to rotate to keep things fresh and new so I don't get bored and quit. Stepping into the gym alone is daunting, and if you're like me, embarrassing. Remember what it's like to start something you'd never done for the first time? If you’re new to it, you’re afraid to look like an idiot in front of those people who know what they’re doing. That’s how I felt at least… I STILL feel that way, and I've been consistently hitting the gym for three years.

Before work, I won’t go into the weight room here at school if I see students in class using it. I get self-conscious, and fiddling with my phone, makes me feel like I have a backup plan for what exercises I want to do that day. I don’t know everything, nor do I pretend to, but I’ll be damned if having something in my pocket to help me isn’t just that.

If you’re texting or talking on the phone, then YES, of course, you need to remember why you’re there. I’m not a huge fan of those folks who come to use the gym as a social hour. That’s not what it’s for.

I have pet peeves of my own, but I don't believe your cell phone should be one of those things not allowed. There are MANY other things in the gym to be annoyed with... Check it out. I found the video to the left hilarious. Thanks BodyBuilding Tips & Tricks for giving me a laugh.