What I Learned in my first 10 days as an It Works! Distributor

So, I recently announced publicly that I’m a distributor for the It Works! product line. I’ve never been a distributor for this, or Herbalife (which was my primary protein shake source), or any other networking sales company before.

I have, however, used their products throughout my journey and have nothing but appreciation for those who have tried their best to sell this product. Initially, the whole reason to join was strictly to get free products. The Berry Greens-on-the-Go were what I’d used back in 2014 into 2015 to jump-start my journey, and I knew I needed more in order to do that again. I then began using the Body Contouring Wraps and Defining Gel for the extra skin I had - to help elasticize it and reduce it. The before and after photos from that last couple of months of that year really show a difference from the hard work I was already doing, my “try” and the It Works stuff just gave me a little “umph”.

If I can do this…YOU can do this!

In celebrating the fact that I’m new and trying out all the great things they have to offer, I’m hosting a giveaway! YAY!

Enter to win a sample wrap valued at $25 now (to the right!) so you can experience this product for yourself!  I’ll send you the wrap with a guide of how to get the best results from the wraps.

I think it’s rather interesting the mixed reviews and comments I received in the last ten days. Not only do people have this perception of this company as “bad” or they think it’s a scam, they look down one those it actually works for because of it’s potential for being fraudulent in it’s claims or a scheme to take people’s money without delivering a quality product; peddling it for money and ‘get-rich-quick’ mentality.

What about Apple products? What about Victoria’s Secret, or Starbucks? Do they not “peddle” their coffee or advertise what their “offers” are and what they sell as products? "Peddling" is such a negative word for "advertising"... I wonder why there’s this stigma with this company, more so than any other doing simply the exact same thing - but helping others get healthy instead of spending an inordinate amount of cash on the latest iPhone, something we all accept as a necessity.

Will this product line make you magically skinny in a month? NO
Do you still need to eat a proper, balanced meal? YES
Does this replace hard work and exercise? NO

It never claimed to do that - If you look at the advertising, it states in plain lettering on the Keto Energy, for example:

Energize your body and focus your mind, whenever and wherever you need a boost! Rip a packet open and let the powder melt in your mouth –no water needed!

Keto Energy is powered by Vitamins B6, B12, and encapsulated caffeine. The combination of Vitamins B6 and B12 boost brain function to enhance your mood and help your body to better deal with stress and fatigue. The encapsulated caffeine helps to improve your mental performance while increasing stamina.”

That’s EXACTLY what other pre-workouts do! For example, this is what is on the Cellucor’s C4 product description (what I’ve also used in the past, and is the exact same price): “Explosive energy, heightened focus and an overwhelming urge to tackle any challenge...that’s the C4 experience.” The difference with the It Works products and other brands, if you look at the ingredients, is they have other not-so-great additional constituents. Just check out the facts:

and that’s just ONE example out of MAAAAAANY of their products!

ItWorks not only sells this pre-workout, they sell 30 other products, most of which I’ve begun ordering myself. The girlfriend of mine who helped me get into it again swears by their CollagenWorks Tropical Crush Drink, so much so that I’ve ordered it strictly due to the results she’s had.  to become familiar with them and see what I like the most

Supplements that are not only expensive but most hadn’t made a difference in my performance in the gym. That’s what I liked most about this line (and Herbalife to be completely honest). The name is ItWorks for a reason, and to boot they’re all Non- GMO and made of botanical ingredients you can actually pronounce!

What it WILL do?

Will these products fix all of your ailments? NO!

It WILL, however, enhance the healthy steps you’re ALREADY making by eating properly and exercising, though. This is what a "supplement" does. It doesn’t *replace* a routine or a practice. It ADDS to it, and helps you obtain your goals. You have to do the work, this just assists you in your effort.

You don’t have to have a car to get to a location, but it HELPS you get there!

The products aren’t going to work if you don’t! As with everything - ALL supplements, such as protein powder, pre-workouts and other things offered out there - they’re “ADD ONS”, not a replacement for healthy eating and exercise.

Join Me & See the Results for Yourself!

I’m so excited to be in the ItWorks family, truthfully! I’m not a salesperson. I never have been good at it, nor do I like that feeling. What I am good at though, and have done on this blog for almost three years now is share what I’ve used personally - my mistakes and triumphs….and I’m sharing that all with with you, Piggie Posse!

I’m thrilled for what’s to come and I can’t wait to help others make some exciting changes in their lives! The reason I joined, like I said, was because I wanted my own products at the lower prices (if not completely free) and right now there’s a promotion until December 24th where you can join for JUST $20 AND you get a box of wraps, a sample of the defining gel and a get-started distributor kit!  Some people choose to sell those 4 wraps ($25 a piece is what they sell for) to get their immediate investment back, and some keep the wrap to continue their own experience.

As a distributor you’ll get:

  • 40% discount on all products,

  • You’ll earn bonuses

  • You’ll earn free product

  • You’ll earn commissions on every sale you make and best of all

  • You’ll meet some amazing people!

I’ve made some new friends in the past 10 days and their stories are pretty inspiring; these fearless women have strength, drive and determination. If you’re interested in being on my team as a distributor I’d love to have you join us! Join my team by filling out THIS FORM and learn more - let’s start working your business together! PLUS I’ll give you the promo code for that $79 discount on your enrollment.