Why a Fitbit didn’t work for me... and what DID!

I have to say that a lot of my time has been spent these last few weeks making the most of my recipe planning and culinary skills for you guys, but I have to share - I got the best present this holiday:


Well, that and my new Apple Watch, if I’m honest. Otherwise, the time for reflection has been great! I've been able to silently and calmly ruminate what has transpired in my life right now (a lot) and the pace in which I've been living (fast). Of course, it's influenced solely by my gracious 10-day work break and (DUH) the crossover into the new year (Come on, who isn't screaming "New Year, NEW ME!", pssh - Uh – me!) … but more on that later.

I know what you’re thinking… “wait wait wait – didn’t you JUST buy yourself a Fitbit Blaze, after *careful* and precise consideration and writing the detailed post The Fit Tracker Dilemma?? Why yes. Yes, I did. Based on my findings in both my blog post back then AND in real life, it’s not that great – I should’ve heeded my own damn warning and chosen something else. The Fitbit isn’t accurate (hello, like I said!) and not only was its heart rate accuracy disgraceful, it wasn’t *actually* counting my steps, but how many times my arm moved back and forth. I could run a mile, and it would still say .67 miles. Like, WHOA! Not even close?!

So… that said, I was looking online all over again – you know, square one – and when my cousin gave me an Apple Watch for the holiday, I just about died. I have to say, if you can afford it, GET IT.


 “But Jaycie, it’s expensive!”


I know – believe me! BUT if you can find the Series 1 for under $250 (like here - on Bestbuy.com), it’s manageable! Especially when you’d be willing to shell that much out for a Fitbit Charge HR or that new one they just came out with - Mine was $299!

Now, why am I pushing so hard for the Apple Watch, you ask? Because it does more than just count your steps, accurately monitor your heart rate and reminds you to “stand, move and exercise” … but also because to reminds you to breathe! I know, I know- that one sounds like a silly dumb blonde joke – but I’m serious.


Most of my followers and subscribers know about my weight loss and self-esteem issues, but not everyone knows that I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety in late 2014 and have been battling mild depression since 2004… so it’s rough for me to find something that ‘works’ for both my fitness goals and health habits AND something that offers a CBT mechanism (for those of you who don’t know what CBT is, it’s a therapy tool called Cognitive Behavior Therapy the gets you to identify physical stimulus and pulls you into the present moment).

It's a fantastic piece of technology and I cannot wait to see and experience all of it's features!


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