You've Gotta Do This for You

In this life, there are the givers and the takers. I am PROUD to be a giver (that’s actually one of the reasons I started this blog). It’s come to my attention lately that I know a LOT of takers.

Most everyone I’ve encountered in my short 28 years on the planet, I’ve found they aren’t necessarily *against me* but they are FOR THEMSELVES. They say the generation of millennials are a selfish generation, and I’ve come to find that I feel a lot ‘older’ in soul than my same age counterparts. Do I have moments of immaturity? I think it’s fair to say that of course, I do; I’m growing and learning with every passing day. However, I’m pretty sure that in the generation full of those who expect the world to owe them something simply for existing, I have always thought of myself as one who knows I deserve nothing and have to work for what I earn.

That’s what I’ve applied this fitness thing to – working hard for something, bringing the work ethic of a goal back into practice. A lot of times, I feel like giving up, but it’s not what you want right now – it’s what you want most.

This week’s story comes from my friend Brian. He’s been on this road a long time, and every step he’s made has been forward. Five years of control and maintenance over one’s comfortable habits is a long time and can feel waning - tiresome and can be taxing, even. Here’s what he had to say:

"193.8...haven't weighed that in over 5 years. Not as long as some people who've been putting in countless hours of effort to feel better about themselves, but still a milestone of sorts. I told myself I'd be at 190 by the end of the month. I've made a decent amount of progress from almost 240 til today, but I'm still keeping on.

For everyone that wants to see a change in themselves, the most difficult part is to make that conscious decision to alter your lifestyle, even slightly. Whether it be deciding not to finish that ENTIRE plate of pasta in one sitting or choosing to take the stairs on the way to work or going 1.25 miles on the treadmill instead of the normal mile, even though you feel like you don't have it left in you. Or a combination of all of it. At the end of each day, think about the decisions you've made to inch closer to feeling better and it will start to fuel you; you'll crave that feeling of satisfaction and pride and determination each day you get out of bed.

You can climb mountains without getting winded, lift heavier boxes with ease, keep up with children and continue to surprise yourself at every turn. Inspiration is all around you; there are so many people, often seated right next to you, who are on the same journey. Talk to them, ask them what THEIR approach is, ask them what motivates them and encourage each other through every success, however, small it may seem. Because in the end, I guarantee you will feel incredible."

I've had a lot of positive support in my journey, but I've also dealt with skepticism and eye-rolling too. I've had the uniformed body shamers that don't want me to get "too big", as if I could ever do that; the ones that try to teach me things that are so incorrect, it would make my trainer cringe; the know-it-alls who want to say you're doing it wrong... All of the various people and types of gym. 

People aren’t against you; they are for themselves… YOU have to be FOR YOU, too.